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Providing La Crosse With a Good Night Sleep for Over 35 Years

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Harvest Green Mattress

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The Seeds of Harvest Green Mattress

In 2018, the seeds for Harvest Green Mattress were planted.

We set out to make a mattress that consisted of non-toxic, natural and organic materials that our customers could more easily afford. After much research of available choices, we only found companies that were pretending to be green. What was often being offered as green, natural or non-toxic was not even close and we knew we could do better.

Our research showed that almost all mattresses (even from the largest most well-known brands) relied on industrial-strength chemicals and contained toxins that are known to be a danger to both our health and our environment.

Almost all everyday Mattress manufacturers depend on polyurethane foams and memory foams which are petroleum-based. They also emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) — a chemical odor, also known as “off-gassing,” which has potential to cause allergic reactions, headaches, respiratory irritation, skin sensitization, throat irritation, forgetfulness, dizziness, and allergic reactions. Pretty much every mattress manufacturer uses chemical adhesives and chemical flame retardants, and include phthalates, heavy metals, and formaldehyde in the production of their products. All of these have been suspected to cause or increase the chances of developmental problems, neurological deficits, impaired fertility, and even cancer.

There are green options available but, most are either too expensive or lack a full natural-organic construction.

Buying a mattress online is a relatively new concept and has seen a great deal of success since its inception. In our study of this process, we learned that a great portion of the beds purchased online are being sent back for return. Some online providers have a solid process for return and most eventually end up being put to good use some way or another. We truly believe for some customers a Mattress can be such a personal decision that it could require them to test drive prior to purchase.

We Wanted To Solve These Problems

Our solution was to redesign both the process and product. We examined many different design concepts and choose the construction that afforded us the ability to eliminate everyday foams as well as the dependency of all toxic adhesives. Using only 100% all-natural Dunlop latex, certified organic wool, certified organic cotton, and a recycled steel innerspring unit were we able to accomplish our goal of creating a natural, organic sleep surface. Every Harvest Green Mattress features a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping, free return pickups, and a 25-year limited warranty.

Certified Organic Cotton & Wool | Natural Latex | Handmade | Eco-Friendly

Even better has been our efforts to partner with qualified retailers across the country that share our same passion for our products. In doing this we now offer the best of both worlds. In most regions our customers can try our mattress prior to purchase, which we believe will eliminate much waste in returns. We also believe this can eliminate a great deal of customer dissatisfaction with this new process of online purchasing. Our Harvest Green Experience Center Partners’ presence is growing at a fast pace, and it is our company’s priority to offer our customers the option to try before they buy. We even offer our easy return process when you purchase direct from one of our Harvest Green Experience Center Partners. You’re covered whether you purchase direct online or in-store.

Harvest Original Swing


All of our Harvest Green Mattresses feature a distinctive old-world construction technique called hand-tufting. Our tufts are made from pure white organic wool. This technique helps prevent trenches and lumps from appearing over time from normal everyday wear. What’s even better is this also affords us another opportunity to eliminate the use of adhesives.

Organic Cotton Tuft 2


Our green mattresses are made fresh, as ordered. Doing this ensures we’re not overproducing and creating any waste.

Harvest Green Mattress Direct To Consumer
Organic Cover Harvest Green Mattress


These days a great portion of mattresses are made to be disposable, in a sense. By using the most durable natural latex foam and proven industry innerspring unit, our beds are built to last. End to end, the number of disposed mattresses every year would circle the earth. The United States alone disposes of an estimated 20 million mattresses per year, with most ending up in landfills. The majority of these are constructed from petrochemicals and pose a serious environmental hazard. Almost all of the components in our Harvest Green Mattresses can be recycled. Natural Dunlop Latex is known to last almost twice as long as traditional foam options, assisting in increasing product lifespans and further reducing waste. Our fabric-encased ergonomic support unit is made 100% from upcycled steel. Even the Harvest Green Mattress carton is constructed from recycled corrugated products.


We believe in the very best possible customer experience. Having a network of partners ensures our customers will always have a touch point for service. Our customers can reach us in almost every communication form whether it is digitally or face-to-face with one of our licensed experience center partners.


Environmental giving is a start. One way we like to encourage restoration beyond our manufacturing is by giving our already proactive consumers, a special gift. Your instruction insert for unboxing will come with an embedded pollinator-friendly flower seed paper. The seeds are carefully selected to grow in as many regions as our mattresses are delivered to. So, when you open your box, the paper will be ready for planting in the warm seasons near you.

PL Platform Bed Small


To encourage and inspire healthy sleep, while transforming the purchase process with the intent of eliminating waste where possible.